GDPR is actual helping marketing

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GDPR is actual helping marketing

Since GDPR was introduced very few company’s are e-mailing cold contacts. However e-mail campaigns that are happening are yielding much better results. GDPR encourages us to gather email opt in’s way more cleverly meaning we have way more intelligence on our e-mail prospects due to intelligent marketing funnels constantly filling out GDPR compliant e-mail lists.

When your e-mail lists are grown in such an intelligent way getting your e-mail to reach the inbox of the customer gets a whole lot more vital. Using the since your throwing less rice at the wall hoping for some of it to stick your working with smell e-mail lists allowing you to send in much better way’s than just sending through a mail chimp account.

The content you are sending out is also very focused on the customer intelligence based on how you gathered the list. Meaning a bespoke better returning e-mails.

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